Belkin releases unique AirPods cleaning kit to fight earwax


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Aug 27, 2021
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It's interesting that they didn't make a kit for the AirPods Pro.

It is interesting as AirPods Pro is likely the biggest seller by a lot. My guess is the driver is slightly inset on the Pro. Just cannot have users sticking cleaning tip “inside”.
But Kudos to Belkin, the driver inside the AirPod/a TWEB is certainly not tough at steel. The paperwork that comes with it must include repeated loud bold print stating “be careful!!”.
FWIW, I use alcohol swab on my AirPods Pro 1 and now 2. I keep a fan next to it, quick swab then fast dry with the fan(very light and careful over the driver screen). I doubt this is the recommended cleaning method but I haven’t yet had a problem.