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Which version of this Classic Game is the best?

  • Blocked

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  • Blokt

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  • Traffic Jam 2 - Parking Puzzle

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Apr 9, 2009
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On April 2nd Curious Media released Blokt, a puzzle game based on the same concept as the already popular Blocked & Traffic Jam. One might ask, is there room for 3+ games in the iTunes store that have the same or similar objectives and slightly varied features? Fortunately all three games have different levels and at a price of 99 cents a piece, how can you go wrong?

The question I have is what version of the game do you like best when considering overall design, playability, features, and addictiveness?

I am obviously biased towards Blokt since I am part of the Curious Media team, but I'm interested to see what others think.

Blokt is a new take on a classic puzzle game. The object of the game is to rearrange the blocks on screen in order to allow the red block to exit stage right. There are 160 levels that will bring you countless hours of mind bending fun puzzle action. The first 10-20 levels are pretty manageable but you will start to really feel the heat above and beyond that! On top of actually completing each level you can compete with the world for the lowest time and/or the least amount of moves on the games leaderboard. It is extremely fun and can easily become addicting! The controls are very intuitive and easy to use. Can you get un-Blokt?

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