Battery Problem 3GS


Sep 14, 2009
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Just recent I buy a iPhone 3GS FWV:3.0 and same time I unlocked and Jailbreak it. Now this time I found a problem, the problem is when I full charged it my phone works only 7-8h(without any talking and doing anything else). after that battery empty and phone automatically switch off. Even my wi-fi and Bluetooth still off. I need perfect Solution . Also sorry for my BAD english.

**B4 jailbreak battery life was normal.**
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Jun 27, 2009
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Hey bobbypab, to answer your question or concern, from knowledge of jailbroken 3gS and experience best thing to do is one or more apps you download might have virus or some sort that drains it, best thing to prevent it is take everything out, restore your phone and check one app at a time and too much apps can also drain your battery fast. there are alot of helps on draining batteries, so take a look on the forums. One last tip, JB is fun while it lasts... but overall, I like my updated 3.1 with the jb for now.


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Jul 21, 2009
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Yeah def do a search there are a ton of threads about this topic. Some of the most common things that drain the battery, did you install OpenSSH? did you install Backgrounder? those are two things that can drain the battery really fast. if you leave too many apps running in Backgrounder it will eat your battery life. If you do have OpenSSH then install SBSettings and ensure you turn OpenSSH off when you are not using it.