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Battery drained quickly. Should I be concerned?


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Nov 23, 2013
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So I was at work today and checked my phone only to my surprise that it wouldn't wake up. The battery had gone flat and I have no explanation as to why. You can check the photos here.

I've had this phone since March of this year, and my phone habits had never been different except on rare occasions. I don't charge my phone daily, I'd only charge it when the phone is around 30-50% capacity, or I charge it fully if I know I'll be off on a long trip. I use wireless charging and I've never left it to charge overnight. I take it off as soon as I see that it's full.

My phone habits include checking email, calls, text, a few minutes on the browser, probably bank apps, uber. I'll post a summary screenshot below, but the rest of them in the folder is the hourly usage. I can honestly tell you that I'm always not on the phone. You can see that at around 9AM the battery started draining quickly until it got fully discharged sometime past 1PM. I literally took one photo sometime around 8.40AM after I got some gas, and as expected it was uploaded to OneDrive. After that it doesn't say which apps were running, it's only that the battery was draining, relatively quickly.


As you can tell above, my phone usage isn't much. Tuesday is one of the rare occasions I had to use my phone as a GPS and had to drive somewhere really far, but other than that this has been my casual phone usage.

After I realized this I checked my battery health and it's gone down to 99% from 100%. I know it's not a big deal, though it could be related. However I just couldn't shake the feeling, maybe something's gone wrong with the battery? It wasn't warm when I had it in my pocket. Has anyone also encountered this? Mind you I haven't factory reset this phone ever since I first got it. It doesn't have many apps installed either, and most of the services are off (including Siri or raise to wake).

Again not a big deal, but should I be concerned?


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Jun 18, 2014
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It could easily be a fluke, something unexpected happened that ate the battery on you. Sounds to me like it was probably a rogue app/process in the background that went buggy and chewed the battery. I wouldnt let it concern me too much after happening just once, though I can understand why it would be disconcerting. Just keep an eye on it for a while and see what it does. Pay attention to what apps you have open and use, and try to relate them to battery usage. You may notice a pattern that will allow you to pinpoint a specific app.


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Jan 8, 2012
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Did this occur after recently installing an app? If so, uninstall the app and then reboot the device. Otherwise, reboot the device and or restore it and then set it up as new.

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