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Mar 10, 2009
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Hi Guys & Girls,

My name is Rob, and I work at Player One Sports. We are a developer/publisher in Mobile/iPhone/Brew games, and our new strategy is to communicate more with the people who pay our wages...YOU THE CUSTOMER.

I will be about to answer queries and questions, but also to give you up to the date information about our games (this has all been cleared with a guy from forum btw -> Rene).

So, my first post is to let you all know about Bass Fishing Mania that has just gone live.

This is following on from our successful J2ME mobile phone version (8/10 Silver Award From pocketgamer). The game continues to immerse the players in an exciting world of Bass Fishing, with a beautifully rendered environment. To win competitions you will need to upgrade your tackle in 'Billy Bobs' shack, buying items such as lures, rods, bait, fish radar...lots and lots to buy.

Anyway give it a good play, and be fair. I believe this to be better than Flick Fishing, but I know how good the original J2ME was. For ?1.19, it is worth a try.

If you have any queries or questions, post them here and I will help.

Please be productive, and I will be as productive and proactive as possible.

Look forward to a great relationship with you, the customer!!!

Cheers Guys and Girls

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