Bargains to be had at Apple store in UK...if you are lucky!

Jul 14, 2013
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Hi just a little story about my trip to the Exeter Apple store here in the UK today. I was in the vicinity and somehow ended up in the palace of delights yet again! I was in the mood to buy a second strap for my new Watch so looked for one with black ends to match my black Watch.

After perusing the wall of wonders I settled my gaze on a Woven Nylon Black strap...but wait did I not also desire of a Magnetic Charging Dock A La Apple? You bet I did, so juggling the two boxes and my iPhone I scanned in the bar codes on the self same items.

The magic of the Internet and Apple Pay did the bank balance depletion thing...but wait what is this? The price on the Dock says ?65 but my invoice says ?79!

My brain took this in and for what must have been nanoseconds concluded this is not right. I looked around me for a person in blue attire to assist me beckoning them to me.

Well to cut a long story short they had priced them wrong and refunded me ?14. Result! :cool: You only get slightly less of my money today Apple until we meet again.
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