Back to the West [GAME]


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Jul 9, 2014
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Inspired by old 8 bit computer games "West Bank" on ZX Spectrum and "Bank Panic" on Commodore 64, the game Back to the West is a special tribute to hot hacker summers in mid 80?s.

Take the role of an Old West Sheriff who must protect a bank and its customers from robbers. Sheriff must watch three bank doors. The doors will open to reveal a customer (who will drop a bag of money, making a deposit), a robber (who will attempt to shoot the player) or a ? well, You can find out the rest?

Meet the Gang:

* Mary Louise Williams *
Her father was a hardworking railroad man who delivered bread for a living to support his wife and Mary Lou.
Don't kill her 'coz she is a good girl.
She is single.

* John Peters "Johnny" Ringo *
Ringo was born in Greensfork, Indiana, of distant Dutch ancestry.
Ringo was jailed in Burnet,Texas by Sheriff A. J. Strickland. He was broken out of jail by his friends shortly thereafter, but they parted company to evade the law.
Ringo is surly, bad-tempered man.

* William Magear Tweed*
The greedy and corrupt mayor of Dodge City, Kansas, mayor Tweed rigs elections and makes taxes so high that some people compare it to stealing.
He also serves as Dodge City's Bank President.

* Nathaniel "Texas Jack" Reed *
Reed gave up working as a cowboy and became an outlaw.
He and his gang robbed trains, stagecoaches, banks and, on one occasion, captured a large shipment of bullion in California.
The American Express Company offered a reward of $250 for his arrest and conviction.

* "Dynamite Dan" Clifton *
A cattle rustler and train robber in Oklahoma Indian Territory. Tale says that he lost three fingers while playing with dynamite as a child.
Clifton accumulated a sizable bounty on his head?thirty-five hundred dollars, so make sure you shoot him TWICE!

* John Horton Slaughter *
After serving in the army of the Confederacy during the American Civil War, Slaughter was a member of the Texas Rangers before becoming a cattle business man.
Slaughter, with penetrating black eyes, was often stuttered, but he wore a pearl-handled .44

* James B. ?Killer? Miller *
Miller is known to wear a black frock coat, making him hard to see in the darkness.
His coat also concealed a steel plate he wore on his chest to protect him from opposing gunfire.
Beware! Despite his piousness, he is actually one of the deadliest guns!