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Sep 16, 2012
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Well I am back on iOS after about a year. I have been a Android user since I left Blackberry. I first got the HTC Thunderbolt and realized it was a lot of work to get that thing to run right. I stuck it and changed to several different Android phones; Galaxy Nexus and the HTC One. After being tired of all the tradeoffs and time trying to getting them just right; I got the iPhone 5s. I loved it.

I took it on a vacation and couldn't believe how great the pictures looked compared to the android phones I was used too. Then I realized I needed a bigger screen. So I picked up the Nexus 5. I never really liked the camera or the design but like before I stuck it out. When the iPhone 6 Plus was released I know it would be between that or the next HTC One. Once again poor camera and even worse they added certain bloatware from the carriers. The new Samsung looked cool but I wouldn't last long with touchwiz.

So I got myself the 6 plus. It is the best phone I have ever purchased. The device looks great and the size doesn't bother me. The camera is better than before and iOS has been improved greatly. With the addition of extensibility the problems I had with iOS before have mostly been squashed. It makes it even easier that my wife uses a iPhone, so being able to use imessage, photo sharing and the family icloud sharing. I dont think I will be leaving this time.


Sep 7, 2010
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It's always refreshing when when a new comer explains their history, has come back to the iPhone world and doesn't sit her and clamor on and on about how such and such is better on "x" or whatever. I can tell there are things that iOS probably didn't do well for you OP in the past, and I can tell you probably have things from Android you miss, but you didn't portray any of that as negative, and I for one want to say thanks...and welcome!

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