Auto-fill Stuck With Old Email (On Iphone X)


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Jun 10, 2019
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As title suggested. And I have 2 example.
Case 1. I downloaded an app that requires me to sign up. On sign up page where there is a form asking for username, password, email, my old email <> and <> keep showing up, where my current one never appears.
Case 2. In safari, I open a website which requires me to sign up. Again, the suggested email is always <>

I've tried several things
1. reset dictionary: setting > general > reset > reset keyboard dictionary
2. change safari auto-fill to my current email (contact), and my old1 and old2 emails are not on that contact.
3. I've done the same thing as 2 to my Macbook.
4. In Mail, my default email is my new email, not old1 or old2, but old1 and old2 are still active in Mail app.
5. My Contact's default account is iCloud account.

Please help me, I'm quite helpless in this. Thanks you for your time.


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Jan 8, 2012
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Go to Settings → Passwords & Accounts → Websites & App Passwords

Search for the account that keeps bringing up the outdated email address and then edit it with the updated information.