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Nov 1, 2012
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Taken directly from our Developer Rules & Guidelines, below are some key points you must keep in mind before posting in this forum:

We ask that you provide a link to your app in the official App Store, starting with “; Any links other than those directing you to the [URL="]iTunes[/URL] Store are strictly prohibited*. Full iTunes link must be posted, do not use a URL shortener for addresses. App store URL shorteners (new in September 2014) are also accepted. Example:

DO NOT post in multiple forums or you risk getting an infraction and having your app's thread removed from view.

If your app is a universal app (for all iOS devices) then choose to post it in the iPhone Apps & Games section and be sure to note in your description that it is for all iOS devices.

If you update your app, please use the same thread you created to introduce it. In other words, you are allowed only ONE thread per app.

Multiple threads will be removed and your account will result in forum infractions.

Post the iTunes link at the beginning and at the end of the introduction of your product. This will ensure that interested parties can quickly locate and download your app. Only apps that are already approved and available through iTunes can be announced here - no advances or sneak peaks.

Subscribe to your app thread so that you can provide help and feedback to members that have questions.
If you have a jailbreak app, please make sure it is clearly marked as a jailbreak app and post it in the jailbreak section.

The title of an app/game must be included in the thread title AND precede any description. ex: The iMore Forums App - New Update is Ready!

Promoting additional websites which promote applications is in violation of Mobile Nations guidelines*. Any member found to be advertising, promoting, or leaching traffic (including via paid link forwarders) for profit or personal gain will result in infractions and possible removal from the forums.

Bumping threads or keeping your thread ‘Hot’ will result in forum rule infraction and could be considered spam which will result in your removal from the forums.

Be a participant in the forum. You never know when a forum member may need exactly what your product offers. Posting something about yourself in the Introductions forum is always a good idea.

Please remember that this is a privately owned forum. We reserve the right to institute rules for the greater benefit of the community. If you do not agree to these rules then you should leave these forums.

Keep the discussion on topic. Threads should focus on one app or game only.

Posting of links and images is only allowed once members have posted ten (10) meaningful posts in our forums.

Follow these guidelines and you will have no issues. Have fun!
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