ATT Network down and out in Hawaii


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Jul 22, 2009
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Yes, guys I know what you are thinking... but even in paradise we need a phone to work :)

Since 8a this morning the ATT network is gone, talk to att rep around 8:30a and been told to go to apple store because they were VERY SURE not have any issues with their network and was a phone problem.

The iphone keep constantly searching for a signal, but nothing.

Went to the Apple Store and many people, even employees were having the same problem, after loosing a couple hours I went back home.

Call ATT again and at 2p and they say now that they are having problems with the network.

It is now 4p and still no edge or 3g signal.

A whole day without phone, thankfull to be in paradise

I'll just go to surf and forgetaboutit!