Att $36 Activation Fee--I don't think so...


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Jul 14, 2008
Ok, so I was one of the idiots who waited in line for the iPhone on launch day. I got in the At&t store right about when there system was down and they were unable to activate my phone in the store and told me to take it home and try to activate it in iTunes later that day. (No problem, I was just happy my to get an iPhone). Plugged it in my macbook at home and once it charged up a bit it was activated, no problem.

But, when I got the paper bill in the mail today and saw the $36 activation fee on my bill I thought it was a little ridiculous because they didn't even activate the phone, I did.

So I figured I would call At&t and try to get it waived. Took a little lying and persuading, but I did it. I told him that I was sent home with a bricked iPhone on launch day and she told me to activate it at home, so she said the activation fee would be waived. (< Not really, that was the lie, but, I figure they are screwing me with all the fees they tack on my bill ($16 on a 39.99 bill with a $15 text plan and $30 iPhone data plan)).

So he told me he sees where I am coming from and said I should go talk to the people at the store. I said why should I have to drive to the store? What is customer service for??? :confused: So about 10 minutes on hold (he was slow) he came back and said as a one time courtesy he would waive the activation fee. I said, "thanks and I understand that it was a one-time fee waiver since I wouldn't be billed an activation fee every month." lol

Anyway, 16 minutes on the phone total and saved $36. Well worth it in my opinion. I just wanted to post this because if you were sent home with a bricked iPhone like I was do you really think you should have to pay an "activation fee"? I don't think so...

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