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Jul 21, 2009
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I tried to tell something about myself in my control panel but I was not allowed in there yet. Not sure why!


I live in China.

In China I use China Mobile on a new iPhone 3G S (jailbroken) both voice and data. No problem.

My phone is unlocked and jailbroken!

I am in the States for about a month and don't want to pay the extremely high roaming charges by continuing to use my China Mobile SIM card.

After asking around I found that AT&t offers the best coverage where I am going to b while in the States. (Between San Antonio, TX and Dallas, TX)

Bought a Go Phone SIM (AT&T) so I wouldn't have to sign a long term contract.

So as not too waste too much money (not knowing if this would work) I put 25.00 on the voice and 25.00 on the data. They called it medianet or something like that. They told me it would be a G3 connection for data.

As it turns out it doesn't matter if it is G3 or not because I can't get the data side of the SIM to work. Voice is fine. No data.

The AT&T tech told me there was something I could do in my phone to release this but he didn't know what it was and I should search the net. I have spent the better part of a day doing just that and I have found nothing.

So I joined this forum!

Can anyone help?

Again here are the specs: iPhone 3G S - Jailbroken and unlocked - AT&T SIM card with both voice and data service installed - Data Service is something like Media-net or some such name.

Can use voice calls. Can't use data ... no Internet service

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A. Yee

Feb 6, 2009
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You can try this website in setting up the APN for the GoPhone on AT&T. It works for me on my iPhone 3G. Copy & Paste into your webbrowser.