AstroLove - Astrological Match-making for iPhone


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Jun 29, 2009
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Perfect partners, passionate fling, or do you mix like oil and water? Are you star-crossed lovers, strangers in the night, or destined to be soulmates?

The stars and planets have an unexplained way of telling us personality traits, future events, and even romantic compatibility! Enter your respective birthdays, and AstroLove will use state of the art astrology to compare the aspects between your charts, putting the strongest connections at the top.

- Learn more about relationships you've had, are having, or wish you had (actual relationship not included with purchase).

- See how things might work out with that crush at work, school, or prison.

- Great for dating, romance, or as a social icebreaker (but not an arctic icebreaker).

- Play matchmaker with your friends! Or your enemies!