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Jun 18, 2009
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Hello this is Ana from Silicon Studios,

the developers of several pioneer iPhone OS apps like:

iTouchMidi, the first suite of midi controllers*on the app store
iDownload, the first and top downloader app on the app store

We hope all is fine with you!

We just released a*new*app, Assistance

this app brings*information about first aids procedures and
intends to assist users in situations of accident using most of the times an
interactive assistance.*
Contains useful info about recovery position, CPR, Rautek's key, chocking, shock, bleeding, intoxication, trauma, electrocution, myocardial infarction among other situations.*
The app also detects the users exact location through GPS to**allow a direct phone connection to the emergency number of the detected country*and also enables to see the location in maps application.

The app store already have several first aids apps,*although*Assistance is the only first aid app that has an interactive assistance, this enables the navigation to be easier to users, without spending time searching for the correct procedure.

Actually it is on the top 20 in Australia and *remains the top 100 in the USA and United Kingdom ( medical*category*)

URL: Assistance
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