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Arggh! Woken up to my iPhone5 going completely wrong. Can you help me?


New member
Dec 23, 2012
Hi everyone,

I'm not very happy at all this morning! Took receipt of my iPhone5 on 7th December. It's been brilliant - no problems at all. Until this morning.

Firstly I noticed that the speakers weren't working (when I turn the volume up/down it thinks the headphones are still plugged in). I read online for some tips and it seems that some people have solved this by plugging in/unplugging the headphones several times. This didn't work for me.

I then tried to make a phone call and discovered I could only do this using my headphones.I can't hear anything if they aren't plugged in.

Finally I came to try and charge my iPhone and it won't charge at all - through my laptop or through the mains.

The battery is now on red and I can't charge it. I have people on their way to visit for Christmas and I need to get in touch with them :eek:(.

I spoke to the local 3 store but they said if I didn't get the phone from that specific shop then they can;t help me.:(


Jun 7, 2010
I spoke to the local 3 store but they said if I didn't get the phone from that specific shop then they can;t help me.:(

can you take it back to where you got it? or a local apple store if there is one (you don't say where you are)?


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Sep 8, 2012

I've had issues from time to time with mine -- a music scanning problem, and a charging issue.

One simple thing to try is a hard reset -- you know, hold down the power and home buttons till you hit the Apple screen, and then letting them both go.

That fixed it for me when my phone wouldn't charge.

If that fixes your charging issue, try resetting the phone and restoring to fix the other issue(s).

If none of that works, then self-help is probably not going to be enough?


Sep 7, 2010
Has the phone been dropped? Exposed to moisture?

If neither is the case, find your local Apple store and simply take it back...if you don't have a local Apple store, contact Apple and have then send you a replacement. Returns of defective iPhone's while under warranty is a pretty effortless process, especially if you have a physical store near you.