Arc Ball by Hellbyte Studios


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Feb 8, 2013
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Hello everyone.

We've created a game for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. The game itself is rather simple, gameplay is inspired by the father of all arcade games - PONG. We're aware of the fact that the Arc Ball won't conquer iTunnes, but the creating process of our game took a few days and working on Arc Ball was a valuable experience for us.

Our game offers mechanics which are characteristic for arcade games. You can curve the ball accordingly moving the paddle just before the ball touches it. You can also play against your friend on one phone (CPU has three difficulty levels).
Main Menu.jpgChose Opponent Menu.jpggame.jpg

In future updates we want to create more diverse gameplay. In the next update we will add multiplayer options which will allow you to play via WiFi and Internet so it will be a great opportunity to compete against your friends.
Please share your opinion and leave a comment (here and/or on iTunnes). It will help improve our game and make future releases better.
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