Apps most like or better than Palm's Memos and Tasks


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Oct 3, 2008
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Former Treo owners - any suggestions appreciated!

I purchased an iPhone last December to replace my Sprint Treo 650. I use Palm's Memos and Tasks on the Treo extensively even now because I have yet to discover an adequate replacement on the iPhone.

What I like about Palm's Memos is the ability to make an alphabetical list of file folders to collect my memos and then the ability to find items by keyword. The early workaround to folders was to email notes and put them in mail folders. Not great because to access those folders you have to have a cell or WiFi signal, plus there is no ability to search. Notes can be tedious because there is currently no copy/cut & paste. A customizable template type app might help in that regard. One of Palm's shortcomings was the limit on the number of folders. I downloaded YouNote but haven't experimented with it yet. Any former Treo owners out there know what I'm talking about? Any apps out there as good as or better than Memos?

What I like about Palm's Tasks is that you can organize them by date and look at them in categories. I downloaded EasyTask but haven't tried it yet. Any apps out there as good as or better than Tasks?

Both of the apps I've installed are free. I would also consider apps with a price.

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