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N Nirav

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Sep 24, 2017
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Guy I recently bought new iphone , my first iphone , for $280 . I was android user before this & used to backup applications that I thought i wouldn't use much & reinstall it whenever required. But on iphone , i know , I can't install any setup like android. So i just wanted to know is it possible to backup applications that I don't intend to use & are occupying around 6gb of my phone's storage & later install them whenever i need 'em.

1)If yes then how can i do it & what software will be needed.

2) Where those backed up app will be saved ?

3)Will i be able to install those backed up app on my iPhone??

The applications that i want to get rid of are :
GarageBand , Home , ibook , iMovie, Number & Keynote. These apps have specific price on app store & that's why i want to know about these thing to make a decision whether to keep them or remove them .
Sorry for bad English I'm not good at it .

Thanks in advance.


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Jan 8, 2012
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Which iPhone model do you have and what iOS version are you running?

Yes, you can backup your apps via iPhone iCloud and iTunes and the backup will be stored either in the cloud or on your computer.