Apple's Reality Pro VR headset might not launch until late 2023


Mar 2, 2016
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I guess this makes sense, since another article posted earlier today suggested that Apple's 2nd Gen VR headset would come out in 2025! LOL!


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Aug 27, 2021
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I don’t outright disagree with the article but Facebook is Facebook, Apple is Apple. One company is a singular historic brand name of consumer electronics emphasizing premium quality with easily defined and used purpose(s), one that revolutionized personal computing, mobile personal computing, mobile communications, media consumption (iPod to AirPods). The other company revolutionized letting people in an internet group know that you’re eating at The Cheesecake Factory. :)

The stakes are always high for Apple. Apple takes that on themselves through rabid guarding of their name and select few associated products, so it is on them. But also Media wants badly to say “Apple failure! Apple failure!”). They said that for both AirPods and especially for Watch (then showed no shame just pretending they didn’t say it and moving on to the next clickbait). So what Apple VR needs is a purpose other than strapping two TVs to your eyeballs than watching a video or playing a game — all the while being able to put an egg somewhere in the foreground/background. Apple VR needs a marketable function that consumers can see a value to, is simple to use, works well, and interops with other Apple products. IMHO