Apple's M2 Pro chip faster than 12th-gen Intel i7, slower than 13th-gen i5 in early benchmarks


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Aug 27, 2021
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It’s good Intel tried/is trying hard to push it, good that Apple is too. Btw, full credit to article writer Stephen W noting the benchmarks disclaimer: these are estimates and use the specific benchmark Geekbench(it is a good raw benchmark app, fyi). These tests take in little consideration for cooling, power consumption, required space to run Alder Lake.

The Intel design means it will beat M series if given a lot of power and cooling. Its performance ceiling is substantially more when provided lots of wattage while keeping the cpu below critical temps. Yes you can get more out of Apple Silicon with greater active cooling but it is a lower ceiling. But most consumer grades are on Apple’s side. Lower power, smaller internals yet extreme performance. On this front Intel, and AMD, are still pretty far behind.