Apple's 'Find My' feature saves a life as it helps locate and rescue car crash victim


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Aug 27, 2021
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“although there remain some very serious safety concerns about this feature with AirTags”

With one of those concerns being clickbait media and websites unable to restrain themselves from hysteria/scaring people for clicks. The AirTag was never and is even less so now a stalking device except for the most mentally challenged. There remains many devices that can be used that are “VERY serious concern” that does not require, you know, registering it to an account, relying on logging into an account, likely a registered smartphone, doesn’t regularly update, imprecise locator, other reasons.

One suggested sales number is 50 million AirTags sold. If there were 50 stories of a AirTag used nefariously (stalking) that would be .0001 of a single percent. That clickbaiters would try to frighten people based on .0001 of one percent? Wow. That clickbaiters never bothered to emphasize how poor a device this is for illegal activity of stalking therefore deterring the very small number of mentally challenged that would use it (likely some of them using it because they heard it in the clickbait)? Unconscionable.