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Apple Wireless Keyboard Freaking Out, How Can I Fix It?


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Apple Wireless Keyboard Freaking Out

2012 Mac Mini under the TV with 5 year old Apple Bluetooth Keyboard I use from the couch. Worked fine for years and works fine most of the time like right now as I type this. Then it starts freaking out meaning it acts like keys are stuck or it starts spewing weird characters. It's not damaged, nothing sticky was spilled on it and changing batteries doesn't fix it. Unpairing and pairing doesn't fix it. Rebooting the Mac fixes it for a time.

I was able to type the above paragraph, now it's doing it again. So it randomly starts. A google search shows other people have had the problem but there's no good answer which happens a lot at Apple's forums. I'm thinking it's something about the bluetooth antenna propagation from the Mac Mini as I just now got closer and it's working fine. I can also get across the room, 20 fee away, and it works fine so it's not the range.

Any ideas other than buying a new keyboard or running a USB to the couch and using a wired keyboard?