Apple Watch series 6 setup for a family member


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Apr 2, 2021
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I just purchased an apple watch Series 6 for my husband (he has a flip phone) - I used the 'family' setup to get it going. However, there are few simple things I want to do that I can't figure out...

1) Without subscribing to a 'family' plan on Apple Music, I want to download ONE song to the watch that he can play. It is used as mediation music, so part of a 'workout' app of some sort would be fine. Just ONE song.

2) I'm trying to download a 'better' sleep app that measures sleep stages and records them so he can look back on the watch and look at a trend. Everything seems to want to tie to MY apple ID. He has an apple ID of his own set up, but I can't manage to see the apps I download on my iPhone on the "Watch" app to add them to his watch.



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Jul 16, 2017
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Not sure about family plan but I can recommend a sleep app. I am using Sleepwatch. It is fairly accurate and I have been using it for 3 months since I got my watch 6.

I was a WearOS user for 3 or so years and I loved the Huawei sleep tracking app. Very detailed. However when that watch started dying I couldn't find an Android replacement that was as good so I went back to an Apple watch.

I used to use pillow and it was a brilliant app a few years ago, but I didn't find it accurate now and not a good interface any more. Funny how apps can change over 3 years.

So I tried Sleepwatch and it is pretty good. If you find it misses times that are picked up by the native sleep tracking, you can manually add them and you still get the data pushed to the app. It is really good.


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Oct 23, 2012
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I don't have a family setup watch so I can't check for sure. These pages from Apple:

Don't say anything about Music and whether it is supported. But on a normal watch you can use Watch app / Music / Add Music to add songs (I believe that you can add albums or playlists, but if the album has only one song in it, this would work). It would have to be in your music library on the phone, so if you don't use Apple Music, you should be able to either buy the song with iTunes or add the music on a computer in iTunes and sync to your iPhone.


What they don't mention is whether this is different with a family setup watch.

I use AutoSleep on my watch. Again, not a family setup watch, but AutoSleep does tell you on the watch what the sleep stats are. Tat one costs, though, so I would suggest a "free" (ad-supported) app that is also excellent called Sleep++. As with Autosleep , it automatically detects sleep, though you can manually tell it when you "turn off the lights" so it can track how long it takes to fall asleep. (Of course, it should be stated that sleep tracking is just guesstimation without an EEG to actually track sleep cycles. These watch apps - all of them - are only guessing based on movement and heart rate, so don't get too worked up over the stats.)