Apple watch order on release day 42mm ss


May 8, 2015
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Sooo maybe I'm alone here, maybe I'm not. I originally ore ordered a 38mm ss Apple watch with black sports band a few days after the pre order started...had a ship date of 4-6 weeks.

I went to try the 38mm on and said hell to the no, so I cancelled my 38mm order and ordered the 42mm ss with black sports band on the 24th...

Only reason I did this on the 24th was because my brother and sister in law pre ordered a 38mm ss and a 42mm ss like two seconds after the pre order went live and got theirs on the 24th. The try on appointment I scheduled the day after I ordered it went okay because you really can't play with the functions of the just put it when I tried the 38mm on and actually used it for 20-30 mins I determined it was way too small for me..

My main reason for this thread is to see what you all think about the June ship date I have now and what the speculation is as to when I will get my watch...I am desperately waiting on it to ship and hate that Apple won't tell me anything...I mean I thought I should have been able to get a better ship date cause of my situation (ordering originally a couple days after the pre order went live) but Apple wasn't having any of that...thanks for any discussion!


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Aug 17, 2010
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Between the demand for the watch, rumors about production/supply issues, and this being a new product for Apple, it’s anybody’s guess as to when certain models will be ready to ship.

In my humble opinion, Apple made a mess of this launch.