Apple TV set for a 'revamp' in 2024


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Aug 27, 2021
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“the only people who are currently buying 8K televisions are the insanely rich and the insane”

Funny Joe W and spot on.

I think Apple did right last year with slimming the ATV and removing the Ethernet. I use the Ethernet port but these days only the small group of tech nerds like me do wired LAN.
Joe W also celebrates the USBC on the remote. Ok, fine but it is a remote that needs charging once every 5 months. How about celebrating some U1 capability (with small speaker)? I have to go on quest to find the Siri remote much more than I’ll need to charge.


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Dec 30, 2023
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What you seem to be unaware of, is that the previous generation of 4K Apple TV has a severe hardware / software limitation that unlike previous generations, *will not* properly decode H264 video via airplay when displaying on a 30 fps display. This is a showstopping problem. I escalated to senior Apple technical support multiple times, and while I was promised to follow up and resolution, I never received one until months later, when out of frustration, I called again looking to speak to someone, technically savvy enough to explain the hardware issue (which I fortunately found). Half the reason or more I bought this unit was to AirPlay from an iPhone in real time (which worked fine on 1080 Apple TVs, through model A1842 4k Apple TV) but does not, and apparently will never work properly (due to catastrophic freezing and dozens of drop frames per second and more) of model A2169. Honestly, I feel like this is one of a number of borderline scams. Apple has perpetrated on its just customers and more attention needs to be paid to it and the other way they are perfectly happy to disappoint their customers while remaining the wealthiest, most profitable company in the world.

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