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Oct 1, 2014
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I now live in the Netherlands and have a Dutch iTunes account and before the last update on the ATV4 I was able to set the system and Siri language to English like I can still do on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Now after the last update if I chose the language as English I get a message that Siri is only available in Dutch when using a Dutch iTunes account.

I need to have all the menus and Siri in Dutch to be able to have access to my content.

I do have a UK based account but all my content is on my Dutch account so it's pointless to switch to the UK account just to have English menus and Siri.

Do you know why Apple has done this only for the Apple TV and if there is a way around it?


Feb 20, 2014
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[Dutch]Hoi, bedankt voor je vraag.[/Dutch]

Like you, I, also, have all my Apple devices set to English U.S.
On my iPhone, Siri works great with a Dutch AppStore and iCloud account.
However, as you already stated, Siri isn't available in English when you use the Netherlands iTunes Store or App Store.
I decided that Siri wasn't that important for me on my Apple TV and turned it off.


I wish I could be of better help, but I have no earthly idea why Apple implemented such a weird restriction.
I will let you know the second I come across a workaround and hope you will do the same.