Apple touts 2 billion active devices as revenue suffers rare slump


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Nov 7, 2012
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Aug 27, 2021
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Apple revenue 2022 Q1, 124 billion. 2023, 117 billion. Media and website bloggers: Apple sales “decimated”, Samsung earnings massive collapse a “bellwether” for Apple. This is certainly a miss but Chinese Factory issues probably made up 90% of the relatively modest revenue decline. But a nod to IDC. They said IPhone sales were off between 9 to 10%. Factoring higher ASP, IDC was probably pretty close.
Other interesting items:
-600 million Apple shares erased off the market in the last 12 months.
-Third biggest iPad quarter in Apple’s history. Best since Q1 2014.
-The original company was Apple “Computer”. It has been a long time since Macs were the smallest revenue category by a lot.
-Apple’s hearables-wearables-other category is extra officially the most important revenue category behind iPhones.
-projecting Apple’s services combined with Hearables-wearables-other for fiscal 2023 would make it the 27th biggest revenue company in the U.S., bigger than Facebook.
-the owners of the 2 billion Apple devices have the most discretionary income on the planet. Consider APPL stock an important component of your 401k :).