Apple Store No Longer Allowed to Install Screen Protectors?

Jan 20, 2014
Just wondering... This might seem like a stupid question but when you have the wet screen protector and they spray the alcohol based water on your iphone, can't that cause water damage or set off the water detectors? Haha

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I won't even use the alcohol ones. I hate any form of liquid around my devices. I've gotten good at putting them on dry.

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Jul 8, 2014
You have no idea how much this bothers me....
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I knew they didn't install iPad ones but i thought they'd at least install the iPhone ones since you know at least they sell them

Use a credit card or a microfiber cloth and keep wiping the screen down until those bubbles disappear. The same thing happened on my Galaxy S3 and I did just that applying a little bit of force (not too hard you don't want to break the screen) and eventually the bubbles went away. It's time consuming but if you really want those bubbles gone, you gotta work them out.


Sep 2, 2011
If i desire a screen protector, i always get Zagg. Their new Glass screen protectors are amazing. (you no longer need spray solution for it)
Two i always install them myself. Having used to work at best buy i couldn't tell you how many screens where sent away because they weren't installed correctly.

Bradley Spence

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Mar 25, 2014
It's true. Apple Stores aren't allowed to install the screen protectors for customers however the odd employee might stretch the rules. This is an advantage to me because I'm a ZAGG franchise owner and we install the invisibleSHIELD on people's devices so Apple usually refers us a lot of customers. We get a lot of picky customers and I can see why Apple enforces this rule. It's not easy putting screen protectors and it takes days of training and weeks of practise before you can get them perfect every time. It's also a bit of an art... Not everyone can put on a screen protector.