Apple restructuring services team to focus on streaming and advertising


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Aug 27, 2021
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“ As far as what Apple might be going after with streaming, the report focuses in on sports.”

The big shake up is to put the NFL on AppleTV+? Apple may be pushing for sports as it is the best live viewers attraction on tv but that doesn’t require a major shake up. And Apple has already been heavily pushing the anonymized advertising system for nearly 2 years, Wall Street has been talking about this ad revenue for almost as long. Apple is and has been pushing all services as a strategy for some time. I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not but Wall Street loves services/recurring revenue, something that doesn’t jump up and down like cyclical hardware purchase revenue. But iCloud and music are still a big part of that strategy. Clearly movies/shows/sports are now a big part. Expect ‘from Apple studios’ to be regularly seen in movie theaters one day soon. I even expect an Apple Books unlimited subscription and more a la carte Bundling subscriptions options. Expect more AppleCare+ options. Apple wants to break the 100B annual revenue target for Services. The current projection is around 92B. Expect a whole variety of offerings and ways to make that 100B happen.

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