Apple opened its new personal portal, allowing users to download private data and deactivate the acc


May 10, 2018
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Google has had this feature for a long time. Facebook recently introduced its own upgraded version after the shameless data scandal. And today, it is Apple's turn to join the trend to allow the download of personal data.

At the portal that Apple has just opened, you can look through all the information related to your account, such as Apple ID records, applications downloaded from the App Store, purchases on iTunes, data media and documents on iCloud, and even AppleCare warranty history. However, this Apple ID Data and Privacy website currently only works in Europe, in order to comply with the European Union (EU) Universal Data Protection (EUR) Directive, which will come into effect shortly. time to come.

The United States and other regions will be able to access this website in a few months. If you live in Europe and want to see what Apple knows about yourself, or want to download this data for offline storage, here are the things you need to do:

1. Visit the website at


2. Sign in to Apple ID (currently viewing private and download information only works for users in EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland);

3. Click on the "Get started" link located just below the "Obtain a copy of your data" heading, then click on "Select all", or select the option you want;

4. Choose the maximum file size, and Apple will automatically divide everything by your preference.

5. If you want a copy of your media, email, or cloud drive content stored in your iCloud, sonneries itunes the process will take a little longer, and Apple says Recover all data that can take up to 2 weeks maximum.

6. When everything is ready, you will receive an email from Apple saying your personal data is ready to download, and if you do not do that, Apple will delete everything for 2 weeks.

The interesting thing is that Apple will prepare the downloaded files in compatible formats, so you can use this new personal data download to switch between accounts, devices and services. At the same time, everything that Apple is keeping about you will be easier to see. You can also deactivate your account, or even remove your Apple ID account from this page!
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