Apple just only cares about that money


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Nov 3, 2010
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It's like anything else. You get what you pay for. I'm still using my 2010 MacBook Pro, and it's working fine. The only drawback is that i can't go above High Sierra, but other than that, i'm good.:p


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Jul 19, 2013
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I have had MacBook Pro, sold it after a few months because the 2017 wasn’t any faster or better than my 2014 Mac mini I upgraded to and SSD. I still have my Mac mini, which will never get upgraded. I will never actually buy another Mac computer ever again.

It’s wild to think that I just picked up a really good gaming laptop for 950. To find something close hardware wise would be well over 2 grand if I got it in a MacBook.

I just don’t get why people pay so much money for so little computer. It’s a complete and utter rip off in my opinion. The hardware isn’t anything special built just for Apple. The processor, ram and storage for the new Mac mini cost under 300 bucks on amazon. Add a mother board a small profile case and a cooling fan. You have an a computer with the same specs for around500 that can run Mohave. Slap another 50 bucks and you can get the Broadcom card that allows hand off between Apple devices.

It just baffles my mind when ever Apple updates the computers with the cheapest hardware and slaps a premium price because of a logo. They call it the most revolutionary thing to happen.

If you want to get an idea of how crazy it is. Just google hackintosh. There are a few sites that have build guides, there are also buying guides for laptops that can run Mac OS.

I don't think Apple's machines are overpriced. I think what drives the pricing up are the component upgrade costs. That is where they get you. $1,299 for an 8GB M1 MBP with 256GB Storage is very palatable, given the other positive aspects of the hardware (better camera, speakers, microphones, screen gamut support, etc. than any gaming laptop in the $950 range).

However, for a 16GB with 1TB SSD, it's $1,899 - $200 for 8GB RAM and $400 for 768GB Storage... when you can get 1TB NVMe drives for < $150 and 16GB DDR4 RAM for like a hundred or so.

This is why Apple tends to stay at lower capacities for RAM/Storage longer than most other OEMs. They derive a lot of their profit margins out of selling component upgrades.

People have been trying to gaslight people by telling them it's not the same, but it is. I have an M1 MBP. There is no way I could use an 8GB Machine. 16GB is basically a minimum requirement for me. 8GB is absurdly low unless you use your machine like a Chromebook, and actual real-world tests have shown even the 16GB MBA crashing 100% of the time when attempting to render graded 4K timelines in DaVinvi Resolve Studio - largely due to RAM capacity limitations and the shared memory architecture of the M1 (like an Intel machine - if you only have 16GB RAM but the GPU is hogging 8GB of it, the app can and will crash if it needs more and the machine cannot manage this gracefully via swapping).

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