Apple is planning to ditch Qualcomm and Broadcom for its own Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 5G chips


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Aug 27, 2021
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This is extremely ambitious and has been/will be costly. Few companies can spend this number of billions when you can just buy the needed chips off the shelf. But if Apple is successful then it is sloping the landscape even substantially further in iPhone’s favor. Most people don’t know that iPhone 14 Pro Max has a notably smaller battery than Android flagships. Most Android flagship are pushing 5000 mah battery size. 14 PM uses about a 4300 sized battery yet it relatively easily beats these android flagships in daily battery drain. And this longer daily charge/lower power consumption translates into substantially more computational ability. It also gives IPhone more internal space for efficient design flexibility, less thermal needs and/or adding feature hardware.
So now add in 3 separate chips becoming a single chip that will use not one more speck of silicon than is needed to make it precise and hyper efficient for iOS. This compared to Android flagships using entirely off the shelf parts with a largely off the shelf OS. Ultimately, unless something changes, IPhone will so much more outclass Android flagships that their only comparison will be they are both “smartphones”.

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