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Apple ID same for Iphone and Ipad? Questions?


New member
Jun 15, 2016
My husband has his iphone 6s and ipad set with the same apple id. I feel like some of the imessages are not coming through to the ipad. I have researched and checked all settings and feel they are correct. I see messages from me and a few people but I feel he is texting more than what is coming across. If he were to delete imessages from his iphone would it then automatically delete them messages off of the ipad? I know that he can delete his safari browser history and it deletes it from the ipad so I was thinking the same would happen with the imessages.


Ambassador Team Leader, Senior Moderator
Jan 8, 2012
All iMessages will not completely sync over to other iOS devices, especially when one device is not connected to the Internet.