apple i.d. requested in order to send every text message on ipad!

january jones

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Jan 20, 2013
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im over all this fricking password crap! im adhd and by the time i finally get into the site (of course after first resetting the password to yet another password...trying to remember previously used passwords and/or getting locked out for too many failed password the time i do -- if ever -- manage to enter the sacred grounds within, i either am too pissed off to continue, forget what the hell i even went on the site for, or just turn off the machine and start self-medication procedures....i have nothing secret, high tech or personal that is going to be on a computer....hell, i dont even have a bank account! there should be an option for "no password, dont give a if u do steal my identity, dude (in fact, i'd welcome a switcheroo, sucker!!) ....have we overinflated our true significance in this universe or what? those that have secret service security lifestyles and weapons of mass destruction should have the option to encrypt away! anyhow, my apple i.d. password is being requested everyt time i try to send a fricking text i push "send," it doesn't go and then the apple i.d. comes up, i enter it, i push "send" and the same circular pattern keeps repeating...i am so fricking tired of it....i have to login five times on the at&t before they will give me the pleasure of paying my fricking bill!!! they said it is due to their concerns of my jeopardizing their precious information and that they cant take a chance on my bumbling up and breaching their site.....huh....and then guess who gets an email later on with a fricking apology letter from those dumb f---s apologizing because they accidentally sent me malware within my bill. im sorry att....its not ok...i had to wipe my mac and its not ok!! a bit frustrated...does it show?.)....


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Apr 28, 2009
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I've just re-read your lengthy paragraph three times, and beyond your subject line, I have no idea what the problem is that you're complaining about.

So I'm going to address the one and only concise point you've made - your thread topic, and suggest you sign out of your Apple ID, reset your iPad, and then sign in again.

If you still have problems, try to state them clearly so we can give you some help.


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Nov 6, 2011
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New favorite post ever!!!

And alli is spot on. It's asking for your password because you are sending an iMessage, and your apple Id Is not properly saved.
And in regards to other concerns you should switch to google chrome browser.
Then you can have one password that controls all your other passwords. Possibly a better solution.

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