Apple fined $19 million over its refusal to put chargers in iPhone boxes


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Jan 8, 2012
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This blows my mind. How many times have we purchased battery powered products over the years in which the batteries weren’t included? Should those entities be sued?

What about bikes, computer tables, etcetera that come in pieces and don’t include the tools needed to put the pieces together? If you can sue Apple for not including a charger then surely you should be able to sue those companies, too?
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Aug 27, 2021
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It was several years after Apple stopped shipping chargers (and Samsung mocked then followed, lol) that I did a drawer and box sweep of cables and chargers to get them in one box. It was an epiphany. Including the couple I actually use, I have 9 chargers. They sat getting old in those various places because I was getting one with everything I bought (not just Apple), unneeded yet piling up (for me at this point, another USBC to lightning cable is just wasted). If Apple would have never done this — then others don’t follow — I’d have at least 15, maybe approaching 20.
I’d like to think the charger not included gave the ability to add something else to the device and/or kept price the same. Who knows maybe it was all about increasing % revenue per unit sold. Either way I suspect many tens of millions of people only have 6 to 10 of these instead of 12 to 15. There would probably be a collective billion floating around in peoples junk drawers. Apple took a lot of heat but they did something good regardless of precise motives. A court trying to tell them they have to is a sham, it’s a far too common way for politicians to make their name through poorly thought headline making.


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Aug 4, 2022
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The country Brazil has a law concerning buying a separate product for a previously acquired one to work.

Despite of everything, Apple has always been winning different cases concerning that particular 'problem'.

That aside, Samsung's work around this was to give buyers the option of requiring charges arrive with their devices if they wanted it.

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