App Store Stepping Up its "Game", What do you think?


May 28, 2009
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"Mummy's Revenge" is released:
iTunes Store
I truly believe the next wave of games being released in the Summer, especially with the new SDK, is going to blow everyone away. As a developer myself, i was surprised to see how well apples device was able to handle what we threw at it.

However the games will be limited until Apple upgrades the hardware in the unit, but developers including myself are working hard to push the iPhone and iPod touch to the limit:

Here are examples of good Frame Rates with a highly detailed graphical game:

Video 1: (Link)
YouTube - Presents "Mummy's Revenge" for iPhone & iPod Touch - Part 1
Video 2: (Link) Now this Video shows some skill
YouTube - Presents "Mummy's Revenge" for iPhone & iPod Touch - Part 2
This particular App (Mummy's Revenge) has been submitted to Apple and the release date will be announced shortly.

Of course the Sims:
YouTube - The Sims 3 on iPhone OS 3.0

Here is another game that i can't wait to play Minigore:
YouTube - Minigore Teaser - new iPhone game

With games like "Mummy's Revenge" from an indie gaming company, and games like The Sims from larger developers, I can see the gaming division of the app store being even a greater success. We may even see an increase in game prices, justifiably so. This is the same trend seen in larger consoles, from the first wave of games till the end of the cycle for the system. I wonder if Apple considers updating its hardware in the same way. Reverse compatibility would be key as well as keeping the overall structure of the phone the same so developers are not stuck developing for a small market. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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