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Mar 24, 2010
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After receiving my iPhone 5, and updating and backing up my 4S, I've noticed two minor issues. One is that the shortcuts in the App Store app are out of place, as you can see in the attached image. Updates is in the center, Genius is on the right, etc. Another is that even though I have character count enabled in Messages settings, it doesn't show my character count in the Messages app when I'm typing an iMessage. Text messages show character count just fine. I attached two images to help show what I mean. I'm sure restoring and setting up my iPhone 5 as a new and then syncing with my Mac would fix the problem, but I don't want to lose my texts, pictures, videos, etc. While these are just minor issues, it would still be nice to resolve them if anyone knows how, thanks.



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Mar 20, 2012
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On terms of the App Store buttons, that was happening to me for the first few times I opened the App Store after updating, I just kept opening it and closing it before it finally decided to stay normal all the time. It still OCCASIONALLY happens, but it seems to coincide with my, at the time crappy signal.

On terms of the character count, I could be very wrong, but I imagine that character count doesn't matter when it comes to iMessage. Character count really only pertains to messages sent over the cellular network, given that the network can only send a certain amount of characters at one given time. Again, I could be wrong, but that's my guess.

One side note, if you don't want to lose all your pictures, videos, messages, etc., you should really back up into iCloud. That way, when you do happen to need to restore your phone, you'll get everything back. If you already backup into iCloud, then don't fret, it backs up automatically at a certain point everyday, so, again, if you ever have to wipe your phone, just restore from the cloud and you will get all those things back.

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