App Advice: Need Media Manager App for Remote Access via Airport Extreme


Jun 13, 2010
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I would like to manage my photos, videos and music remotely; I plan on purchasing an external HD for my Airport Extreme. I understand that I can configure that so it can be accessed remotely (and securely) over the internet. My plan is to store my music, photos and videos on the external drive that's connected to the Airport. I'm looking for the best app that would meet this need. It appears that most of the remote filebrowsing apps out there are designed mainly to connect to cloud services like DropBox, Box, etc. I want to avoid paying for these services.

Like most people, iTunes has organized my music into hundreds of folders. My photos and videos are also stored in hundreds of folders several levels deep. Ideally, I'm looking for an apps that allows me to easily see ALL music, or photos or videos without having to dive into each folder. Ideally, it would work a lot like the "photos" app where you can see all photos, or go into specific folders.

I'm also looking to be able to create new folders, move music, videos, photos around just like a normal file browser would do. Also being able to save/edit/export pictures...

Is there anything out there that hits this target? If not, what are the closest apps that do?

I would think this "need" would be fairly common for many people out there. Also would be interested in knowing if there's a particular cloud service that addresses this need to manage media in a user friendly way...

Thank you in advance to your response!


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Sep 11, 2008
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You might want to look at an App called "Pocket Space". I found it after searching the app store for an airport management app, and only this one and the official Apple airport manament tool appeared. I'm not sure if it's going to do exactly what you want, but that's all I could find that seems to come close to managing files through an AirPort Extreme or even FTP. I've never used it, and it's only .99 cents to buy, so please do some additional research if you don't want to part with a Dollar. I wasn't apple to find any additional reviews online or demos on YouTube either.

You also might want to take a look at "LogMeIn" too. This is a Remote Desktop app for the iPad and supposedly does allow you to directly sync photos to your Mac, just like you were plugged in to the USB port. I've never tried this one either, but I know people who use it and they love it. I think you can even access your Mac remotely through the AirPort Extreme too. There is also a pro LogMeIn app called Ignition that adds additional security for remote connections, but at $129.99 in the App Store, it might not be your cup of tea.

There are a bunch of photo management apps on the App Store, but I don't know of any that would do photos, videos and music all together. Have you called Apple and talked with one of their sales reps about the AirPort Extreme and what management options they might recommend? If you've got an Apple store nearby, you might want to stop in and find out who's the resident expert on the airports and see what they have to say and what they might recommend.

On a similar note, I feel your pain to some extent. I just wish Apple would completely do away with the whole "sync" concept, and allow us to move files back and forth from the camera roll at will, just like I've done for years under Windows Explorer. Apple products have a lot of Pro's, but file management isn't always one of them. I've always appreciated the file browsing concept that unfortunately we are unable to do due to the limitations of iOS. We're locked in the sandbox.

There are probably some jailbreak apps that allow these kinds of functions, but since I've not jail broken anything in years, I can't comment on that either.

I wish you the best of luck, and please post if you find something useful that works for you!

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