Anyone have t-mobile lockdown/unlocked file for download? stuck on ios 6 :l


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Nov 23, 2012
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Ok, so I'm kinda tech savvy, and I tried my first jailbreak/unlock today.
Long story short, I'm spent. I have been working at It all day, learning all of these new technical words and processes.
I managed to run into and fix all sorts of problems, but I am at a dead end.

-using an AT&T-13.0 iphone4-GSM ios6 -Firmware 4.12.02
-Jailbroke using snowbreeze, -hacktivated it, and I reboot using ibooty (cause Im tethered -whatever that means.)
-Unlock by activating Ultra Snow fixer for 6x via
-activated ulltrasnow via dev team.
-Downloaded TetherMe and made the proper changes in Data Network-MMS from
-Filed down my sim card to fit perfectly into sim slot WITHOUT TOUCHING THE GOLD(before anyone asks).

At this point I cannot connect to any data service,
and even though I changed the Data Network settings to t-mobile settings, that still does not changed my carrier, so I still get "no service" or "invalid sim"
any tips at this point???

I figured that I still have not fully unlocked my phone, so I read aobut this "SAM" method, but I have no "t-mobile unlock" ticket/file backup of my own.
based off the info I provided; will uploading a t-mobile ticket via redsnow fix my problem? if so, does anyone have a file or know where to get one?

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