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Anyone have experience with Apex Armor?

Hook Man

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Apr 13, 2009
I ordered a case from them early morning last Wednesday (6/29) and never got an email that my order was received or anything. Monday I filled out the contact form on their website to check and see if my order was even received and I never received an answer. As of yesterday (7/6) I have still not received any communication from them. Today I went to their blog website and got the phone number to call for my order status and the person who answered the phone sounded like they were in a machining shop. I asked about my order and they looked it up on the computer and confirmed my email address with me, he mumbled something about the order being shipped already but I couldn't quite hear over the machines. He told me he would send the tracking information to my email address at around 2 pm EST and now it's just about 7 pm EST and still NOTHING.

Is this how this business normally operates???
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Jan 10, 2011
keep in mind that very few aluminum iPhone case makers only make cases, apex armor is a full machine shop that makes all kinds of things. did you receive the case yet from them. they make a really nice design.