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Anyone else having these problems with Iphone 6 plus?


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Ok so I'll start with the problem that is bothering me the most! Sometimes when I am recording a video, it stops recording a few seconds in (usually about 8), then freezes for a few seconds and then unfreezes and I have to start a new video. This is especially annoying since I take alot of videos of my children and it has happened when they are having a 'once of' moment, and by the time the problem has fixed itself, they have stopped doing whatever they were doing. Other problems I have experienced is my interent page crashing. Most of the time it is when I have searched for something through google, and the page will freeze for a split second, and then takes me back to my apple homepage. Again, very frustrating because I lose my place or page I'm on. I have noticed pages have started to load very slow sometimes, on facebook or searching for something on the internet. And again, sometimes them pages crash and take me back to my homescreen. Sometimes pictures or videos on news articles won't load and it's just a blank square. And lastly, people tell me they can barely hear me sometimes when I am on the phone to them, that it sounds muffled or like I'm far away or whispering. I can hear them perfectly, and people can sometimes hear me perfectly, but I have been told so often at this point that I can't be heard sometimes, that I know have to take the phone from my ear and speak directly in the mouth piece so they can hear me, and then put the phone straight back to my ear when I have finished speaking so I can hear what the person on the phone is saying. Again, this is very frustrating and I probably look ridiculous doing it! I bought the Iphone 6 plus 64gb from the apple website for 900euro. For that money, I expected alot more than this.Very upset! Please someone tell me it's not just me :-(


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Jan 8, 2012
Are you running iOS 8.1? If not, upgrade to it. If you live near an Apple Store, take it there, and have one of the geniuses diagnose the problem for you. If it were "me", I'd put it in DFU mode, restore it via iTunes, and then set everything up as new and NOT from a backup.