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Anyone Else Bored With Their iPhone?


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Sep 8, 2012
The OP was asking if anyone else was bored with their iPhone... why do some take that opportunity to bash another OS???

Well, for lots of folks who are bored with their phones, the question then is "why stay?"

I'm bad with open devices -- end up jamming them up with too many apps, which slow them down, kill battery life, etc. So Apple's locked down status is actually what I need, to have a working phone. (Now that I don't have to deal with iTunes. THAT drove me off, earlier.)


Mar 11, 2013
Kids get bored with toys my iPhone manages my life so I can't get bored with that

Problem I find is a lot of people don't use there smartphones for what they were designed for in my opinion

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Sep 12, 2012
Nope, its a phone. It makes calls, sends receives text messages, has a few apps and games, a bunch of music. I used to be a phone "addict" as far as being on it all day with apps and games when I was working in an office environment. Then I became a delivery driver, only being able to check my phone at stops for a few minutes then off to the next one. This really put things in prospective for me. That my phone wasn't that important. Now I am back in an office setting and the only time I check it is during breaks. I still get all the information from it I would being on it hours a day while at work but only check it 2-3 times during the work day. Besides that the only thing I really use my phone for is to make plans to do stuff with people in real life. Far too many people are caught up in a virtual world.

Good OL MC

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Oct 9, 2012
I come from Android (among other systems). The freedom is great but it's also it's negative point for me personally. That freedom makes me not able to put down the phone. Just to sit and play with homescreen setups. Fun for a while. Like a crack addiction in the end.

I feel best in a more locked down system. Besides, iOS 7 is around the corner and I think you will like it. It will make the phone feel like a totally new one. I'm running the beta since day 1 and I love it.

Damn you, that was what I was going to say.

I get bored with whatever I'm using. I use Android - I get bored. I use iOS - I get bored. The difference, for me, is that if I get bored in Android I can give the look of the phone a makeover once a week and then that is the ONLY thing I do with the phone. I engage apps and services less because I'm fiddling with the OS so much. A feature, that might only be a mistake feature, but is still a feature nonetheless of iOS is the restricted nature of the software and how plain it is by modern standards. Yeah, with iOS 7 it reacts to you but the nature of how you use the software doesn't change much (except for Control Center - once you have that you'll never want to go without). Because it is "boring" I use more other bits of software to enhance my experience.

Whenever I find myself getting really bored I try and find a new app to play with. That always helps.


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Aug 3, 2012
Nope. Not bored at all. After using a Blackberry for about 4 years I was happy to try iPhone. I am looking forward to iOS7 and the "newness" that will bring. I use the phone for the apps and the accessibility it gives me to cloud-based files. It is also my MP3 player and primary book reading method. I could do all of that with the Blackberry but iOS does it better and faster. That being said, I understand the OP's bored position with the OS. Hang in there. The good stuff is coming.


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Jun 18, 2009
Way back when I had my iPhone 3G I would get bored with it. I picked up a HTC Fuze to play with. I would switch the SIM from my iP3G to my Fuze and play around a little then go back to the iPhone. I got real bored with the HTC Fuze a lot quicker than I did with the iPhone. Now I have more apps that I use daily and haven't looked back. Sometimes the "grass isn't green on the other smartphone".


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Feb 6, 2013
yeah me too. but since then I've been considering my phone a tool, not a toy. and not expecting it to provide entertainment


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Apr 1, 2011
Well, for lots of folks who are bored with their phones, the question then is "why stay?"

I'm bad with open devices -- end up jamming them up with too many apps, which slow them down, kill battery life, etc. So Apple's locked down status is actually what I need, to have a working phone. (Now that I don't have to deal with iTunes. THAT drove me off, earlier.)

"Why stay?"... because I know I can veture out to try something new but still have something safe to come home to.
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Mar 11, 2013
Looking at this thread again I'm wondering if bored means always wanting something new to play with

Case in point I have a friend who constantly scans the App Store for something new to download he gets bored with apps. Uses and shows them off once or twice and then never opens them again. He doesn't use his iPhone for anything but text and calls and one level game play he has a 64 gig and pays any price for an app if he can't get it free as well as changes his cases all the time just to impress everyone but himself

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Dec 15, 2008
I feel like I'm growing more and more bored with my iPhone. But my brief affairs with android never turn out well. I always come back.

I've had the iPhones 4-5 with android in between.

Anyone feeling the same?

I was feeling exactly the same during early 2012. Then I tried WP7 for a few months. Then I tried Android for even more months. Then last January I came back to the iPhone. I even bought a Nexus 4 in February to give Android one more shot...sold it to a friend after a month.

The grass isn't any greener. The iPhone 5 is where I want to be.


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Nov 4, 2012
I was bored with mine, so installed ios7 beta3.
its given it a bit of new life, at least till the next iphone comes out :)


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Oct 11, 2011
All the time...

But I know it's human nature to want change but the problem I have with phones is I get bored of all of them.

Android is cool but it gets boring too, changing roms, wallpapers and so forth...

After a while you realize that stuff is for the birds, you have better things to do.

I like the iphone cuz it's simple and very effective, easy to set up and I really don't have to do anything, if it's a problem, restore in itunes or take to apple store.

Beats mailing it into samsung or htc or waiting for updates or getting impatient cuz your friend has 4.2.2 in canada and ATT won't update so you flash due to desperation... lol

Also apps like billminder, 1password... are essential.

Big screens are cool for watching movies and playing around... if you want to stick your phone in your face all day, go ahead.

I prefer to communication and get stuff done.

IPHONE to me is just the best at that category, minus the small keyboard.


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Apr 27, 2011
Haha, I knew there was a reason I have 9 cases for my i5

Only 9 Charlyee?

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May 25, 2013
For me, if stuff that I need works and it's easy to carry in my pocket, I'm a fan and I don't exactly get "bored" but I do like change. I don't care who makes the device. I've tried Android and BlackBerry for years and they both have their good points. I see nothing wrong with enjoying a different launcher once in a while on an Android and nothing wrong with enjoying the simple, unadulterated BlackBerry experience. I find that Android can be stable if you don't mess with it as much as it is possible to mess with it. You can tweak it until it trips up and then you claim it's crap. Keep it simple and it works. That's why I own several Androids and several BlackBerry devices along with my iPhone 4s. I think I go a couple of weeks or so on any given device and then I change.


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Oct 20, 2010
The boredom hit me recently and I went through the galaxy s4 x 4, HTC one x 3, and the Xperia Zl. I kept buying and selling because none of the android phones were "complete" there was always a compromise. After switching phones 9 times in 3 weeks I went back to the iPhone 5.

Here's why:

- email look, performance and rendering is the best on the iPhone 5.
- speakers, aside from the HTC One is really great on the iPhone
- battery life from my usage is tied between the s4 and the iPhone 5 with the slight edge to the s4 but to charge the phone is another story. S4 = 2:15 hours charge time, HTC = 4 hours charge time, the iPhone is 1 hour. And this is from dead to full.
- lightning port vs micro USB, a bit of contraversy here but sticking the lightning cable in regardless if its upside down or right side up is just so convenient especially at 2am in the dark
- GPS lock time iPhone 5, with the HTC having a hard time locking in at times
- call quality is flawless in the iPhone 5 from both ends with the Xperia Zl coming really close
- camera is the best on the iPhone, doesn't have all the gimicky software features it just works.
- chrome, android browser is no where near as good as safari, yeah it doesn't play flash but I've never had any challenges with loading pages, watching videos on safari. It just renders pages so well and is so much smoother than any android browser.
- apps although the same on each platform apps opens faster, is smoother and works better on iOS.
- password bug, on android when I have a password enabled, after I make a call even if it lasts 10 secs I need to reenter my password to unlock the device on the iPhone it needs it only if I reach the inactivity period I set it for
- home button, s4 had it but the iPhones home button is so convenient to use and I actually missed it when I had the HTC one and the Zl
- one handed use, all android phones were slim and compact despite their bigger sizes but the iPhone 5 is clearly easier to use
- service and warranty nothing beats the apple store for warranty, trouble shooting and service. Having dealt with Samsung and HTC before for warranty they're not close at all to Apple
- the last thing was the iPhone 5 keyboard, there's no comparison and I tried a lot of android keyboards. Nothing came close.

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