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Any way to improve poor WI-FI switchover to LTE?


New member
Mar 20, 2012
This is a scenario that many must experience. You work on a University campus in which there is WI-FI everywhere. However, as you walk through poor reception areas, your phone basically becomes worthless with a 1 bar WI-FI connection that does nothing. However, it often stays like this for awhile before finally switching back to LTE. Is there any way to change the sensitivity so that if the WI-FI connection gets to a certain weakness, that it'll auto switch back to LTE much quicker than it seems to currently? My workaround has been to swipe up control center and turn off WI-FI when I'm waiting at a bus stop in which my phone is basically worthless but still tries to maintain that WI-FI connection but then I have to switch it back on as I'm out of the campus. There has got to be a better way to manage this, right? Any input?