Any way to gauge the memory leak?


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Mar 5, 2007
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Is there any way to view how bad the memory leak is on the iPhone? If there is no native app to view available ram, is there one available for jailbroked phones?

I'm getting the low memory message when trying to open apps, occassional lags (keyboard, contacts, etc.) and crashes where the phone gets dumped back to the home screen. The crashes occur even when I haven't opened 3rd party apps after a soft reset (usually happens in safari).

So, I'd like to be able to view memory usage similar to the memory usage screen on WM if possible.


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Mar 27, 2005
There may have been a app for the older firmware. But with the new firmware all the apps are pretty much useless until they are updated. And that's if they even are updated for the new firmware. You may be out of luck.