Annoying Problems with Itunes Match in iOS6


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Mar 21, 2011
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Has anyone else noticed that ever since iOS6, the behavior of the Music app and how it integrates with itunes match has gotten worse and less user friendly? Here are my biggest complaints:

1. If I go search for a song it does not have an icon to represent if it is in the cloud or on your device. If I click on the song it plays, but does not indicate if that is going through the stream or has downloaded on your device. Therefore, you are left unsure of whether or not you can use the song later for offline use if you are say, in the subway. There needs to be more control over pulling down from the cloud and putting it back into the cloud when you want. How is this not super user friendly at this point. Cmon!

2. Similarly, if you search for an album, if it is not on your device, it will show the icloud icon. How come you do not have the ability to pick and choose the songs you want to download to your device? I only see an option to download the whole album. What is even worse is after you download the entire album, it doesn't even become available when you are offline (no 4g or wifi). I have tested this out on a few albums. What is the point of being able to pull down from the cloud and download to your phone if you can't listen to in areas when you are not connected (subway, etc).

3. If you go to a playlist, they all seem to show a little differently. I noticed that some have the editing, clear, etc. options all the way up top, some do not. Some have the song count down the bottom, some do not. Also, why shouldn't I have the ability to pull down some songs from the cloud and put back into the cloud when I want? Rather, I need to download the entire playlist with no options of even putting back into the cloud. Again, there needs to be much more control.

4. When taping on a song, there has to be clear options on whether or not you want to stream it from the cloud, or download it to your device. Or an icon to show it is already on your device.

At first, these shortfalls were expected as itunes match and ios 5 were new. Now that it has been around a while and ios 6 is out, this is just plain unacceptable. In addition, I feel that the new iterations of the music app have gotten worse since the original release of ios5 and not better. Especially for apple being such a leader in the music space ... cmon, this interface has to be seriously improved!! Hope they are listening.

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