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Feb 3, 2009
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hey guys,

Check out thirsty pocket in the app store !!

Thirsty Pocket is the new marketplace for Generation "IPhone".

Thirsty Pocket is the easiest way to sell something and the most fun way to shop anywhere, anytime.

Snap it, Post it, Sell it

Take a picture with your iPhone and post an item for sale with rich media in less than a minute. Thirsty Pocket is designed for the iPhone and does a seamless integration of location awareness, the built in camera and rich media display. There are no accounts to set up, no auctions to supervise, no digital photo resizing applications to master. Even Dad can do it!

Shoppers can press one button and see what is for sale near their current location. See if the item you have your heart set on is near your office, home or the city you are going to visit. One click puts you in contact with the seller and you can choose to correspond via email, meet up, see the item, maybe even strike a bargain and finally get what you were looking for.

Got a minute to spare ? Take pictures of those items in your garage and put them up for grabs in a minute or less. Sit back and let buyers e-mail you their offers, and you can earn some more spending money. First time users can post items on Thirsty Pocket faster than placing an ad on any other computer centric marketplace.

Thirsty Pocket - Snap it, Post it, Sell it! Easiest way to buy and sell on the iPhone

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