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Nov 1, 2008
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KDR Software is proud to announce that our first app, 3D Fireworks, is available now on the iTunes App Store.

3D Fireworks lets you experience the thrill and beauty of your own personal fireworks exhibition any time you like. Let it run in auto-pilot mode or control it yourself, launching a new rocket each time you touch the screen.

You can fully control your '3D' view of the fireworks display using the touch screen or phone tilt. Pinch the screen to zoom in and out. Swipe the screen or tilt the phone to rotate the camera any direction you like. If you want to keep your best view once you've got it, you can lock the camera in place. You can even pause the show, while still maintaining control of the camera, to take screen shots or savor a particular explosion from any angle.


* 3D graphics and display of a continuous, multi-colored fireworks exhibit
* Four distinct types of fireworks, including the crowd favorite, smiley face
* Control your own fireworks display or let it run automatically
* Toggle sound on/off
* Change sky color
* Pause the show at any time, even mid-explosion
* Play your own music in the background
* Full control of the display using touch screen interface and phone tilt
* Full control of application configuration and options with user-friendly interface
* Runs on both iPhone and iPod Touch with 2.0 Software Update

Feedback, reviews and other comments are more than welcome.


-KDR Software

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