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Aug 20, 2009
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The ultimate weight loss solution!

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KetoDiet is by far the most complete low-carb diet application. The effectiveness and health benefits of low-carb diets are well documented in medical literature.

The main features of KetoDiet include:

- Easy to follow recipes presented beautifully with step-by-step photos
- Intuitive planner that makes it easy to track nutrient levels
- Custom meal & custom ingredient editing
- Extensive progress monitoring including nutrient content and body measurements
- Complete overview of the diet itself, including practical advice, scientific references & video presentations
- Shopping basket integration
- Support for US, Imperial and Metric unit systems

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iPad (iOS5 and later)

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The ultimate diet application! | KetoDiet






DISCOVER amazing recipes, PLAN your days in advance and MONITOR your progress. Start today and KetoDiet will do the hard work for you!

NO more calorie counting, NO more extensive exercise - just a natural and easy way to reach your dream weight! Go KETO and never feel hungry again!

Will KetoDiet work for me?
Have you been through many fad diets that never work? Tired of feeling hungry and counting calories? Tried exercise but only made you eat more? You are no exception - try a low-carb ketogenic diet and you will be surprised how easy it is to lose weight and feel great again!
Unlike other diets, ketogenic diet is focused on eating REAL, natural food. The aim is to achieve a metabolic state known as ketosis, where your body uses fat for fuel and you naturally lose weight. Based on studies, the ketogenic diet has been found to perform best with real long-term weight loss and health benefits. We provide a complete overview of the diet including scientific references and several sources of information.

The main highlights:

COOK: KetoDiet includes 95 (50 included, 45 in IAPs) keto-friendly recipes that are easy to follow and are accompanied by amazing photos and detailed descriptions of each step. Follow our recipes and you will learn to eat REAL food.

Recipes also include:
- suggestions or interesting facts included in each recipes
- optional ingredients offer more choice and help you save carbs
- serving size adjustment

We are working hard to expand the selection of recipes available in KetoDiet!

PLAN: Plan your meals in advance in an easy and intuitive way. Add KetoDiet meals and snacks or even add your own CUSTOM meal!
Use our extensive food database to find keto-friendly ingredients and compile your perfect custom meal (no internet connection required). Our database is based on the USDA nutrient data laboratory, which includes very accurate nutritional data. This is not a community/user-created database that often contains errors and inaccuracies! Even when an ingredient cannot be found, you can add your own!

SIMPLICITY: There is no need to count anything! Entering your body weight, body fat percentage and daily net carbohydrates limit is the only information KetoDiet requires. Everything else is calculated automatically as you add meals to your daily planner.

MONITOR: Simply track every aspect of your progress and boost your motivation! We provide reporting and graphs to monitor your weight, carbohydrate intake and several other indicators to ensure proper nutrition.

LEARN: Ketogenic diet explained thoroughly - it's perfect even for complete beginners! Discover the science behind the ketogenic diet, find out what it is, why it works best, what to eat and much more all backed up by scientific references.

SHOPPING BASKET: KetoDiet includes an intuitive shopping basket to easily manage your shopping. No need to take your iPad with you, you can print your shopping list directly from the app!

HELP: Instant on-screen help to get you started with KetoDiet - so easy to use and yet so powerful!

MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS: Quickly switch between metric, US or imperial units

FULL HD: KetoDiet is a high-quality and beautifully designed app that comes with full retina display support

PRIVACY: We will never transfer or store any of your data online for any reason. All information you enter is stored only on your device and it is erased when the application is removed. Don't forget to use iTunes or iCloud to back up your device!

FREQUENT UPDATES: We strive to make KetoDiet the best diet app!

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