Anker Powerline+ II cable review


Aug 28, 2012
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Last week, I got a gray/black PowerLine+II Lightning Nylon Braided Cable from Anker as a sample. This is the 3ft version. I have had the 3ft version of the Powerline+ for about a year and a half and it has served me well. It travels with me and has held up well being rolled up in a backpack hundreds of times, as well as used out in the field on portable batteries and in hotels. It has taken a lot of abuse and still looks brand new. I also have a 6ft version of the Powerline+ Gray that is used in my car. It goes from the charger and is tucked up under the dash and behind the door seal and comes out to where my magnetic holder is near the A pillar. It gets used a lot and like the red it has held up very well. Thus when Anker offered up the Powerline+II, I was curious to see what the improvements were. The old Powerline+ was a beefy version of Anker's standard nylon braided cable with bigger plug bases on both ends. And, the PowerlineII was kevlar coated.

So... is this a combination of the two? Seemingly...yes.

The difference... Visaully, not much. But the plugs are now covered in metal that I suspect is aluminum, and the core wires are coated in kevlar and then nylon wrapped. Thus you get an advertised 30000 bend life vs a 12000 bend life with the old PowerlineII. And like the old Powerline+, you get the benefit of a less tangle prone cable, as well as the bigger (longer and slightly wider) plugs which make them easier to grip and plug/pull. Obviously I cannot vouch for the life span of the cable... I haven't had time to bend it 30000 times, but it does seem more durable and maybe a bit thicker than the older Powerline+ nylon cable.

This advertised as a 3 ft cable, I measured it. And it measured about 1/2 inch longer.

Anker claims MFi certification, and that's the case here as well. Charges the phone or iPad just fine with no warning messages.

The Lightning end has a compact adapter head that fit in various iPhone 6 cases, iPad cases, and 2 iPhone 7 cases with smaller openings. So, this will probably work with whatever protection you have for you device as well.

Lastly, Anker claims you can charge your phone with speed. In this case I would say that your phone should be able to charge at least the advertised rate of the iPhone or iPad charger you choose to use or at the rate that "most" of the USB car chargers or portable batteries advertise.

The cable comes in black, red, gray, and gold. This should enable you to match it up with the iPhone, 7, 8, and X models very well, and shouldn't clash with the older models if that is what you are sporting.

All said, it looks like Anker has another winner here. And it is pretty competitively priced at $15.99 normally, with deals sure to pop up on Amazon from time to time. And you get a nice little zippered case with it along with a velcro cable strap to keep it clutter free. Way better bargain than the original Apple cable or most you can find in stores.

Pics are below...



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Oct 4, 2014
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this product.
I’ve been using Anker for a few years and haven’t looked back at all. Great products at a reasonable price.